Sunday, February 15, 2009

love-ta-love-ta love them!

Be excited! BE BE EXCITED!
-Big thangs, Yay!-

I've never been shouted out on a video, aww Love! I humbly have northern cali girls rocking my shit in LA, just where i wanted my cupcakes to land... how sweet was that landing... The wkndgirls are excited for their jewelry I'm very much myself jumping off walls! &that's all you get suckas!!! you have to wait til they drop their "Real Personal" spring season!

In the meantime i got surprises coming for loved ones... hence, Nancy, DTY ladies, La rock, Claracakes, ink mama, bubblegumpony♥s &more ladies surprise gifts to soften yo personal hustle...

weekend warrior valentine update from briana slape on Vimeo.


Kay said...

wohooooooooooooooooooooooo :D

im exciiited

ay0v said...

I can't wait! (:

lipstick cherry said...

thats whussup. lookin forward to that. you doin big things ma