Friday, January 9, 2009

Oh Mr. President!

-/+amazing how LA TIMES "love is..." can make you cry when your mad vulnerable &pms is winding down...
-yesterday's trip to La was quite unsuccessful...
-/+you win some you lose some
+ weeks bad air is now cleared
-still isn't present
- clara didn't find a apartment yet
+ we met carlos
- forgot Weekend Warriors desi's number on my desk! grrrrrrrrrr
++Cupcakes x Valentine's x Weekend Warrios will break yo necks floss yo chest with sweets &make yo boyfriend's mama want one too!

Quote of the day (creep walking behind us for like 5 minutes) "im just trynna figure out how you guys get in those pants. . . Do you have your boyfriend's hold them while you jump off a roof into them? they look gooood on yall but damn" Amen! to jean look alike &leather look alike tights! THEY STRETCH!

LaLa im not stealing yo man, **pinky swear but "Oh Mr. President!" lol
Stay positive in these serious times...

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