Thursday, January 22, 2009

If you aint grabbed your man, at the party

&danced to this song, yet! &finished after the party?! there's definitely something wrong in your relationship.... koffee brown knows how to make a party right, with a cup of tea to end the night right... "so tell your boys good night, rock with me..."


J Baby said...

this used to be my jammmmmmmmmmmmmmm. i'd dance to it every morning on mtv as i got ready for school. i thought i was the only one!

kmX said...

OMG!! Thank you so much for posting this. My mom used to KILL this CD every morning while she drove me to the bus stop & we waited for the bus.

This was the album w/ the brown cover & coffee beans on the front right?! Ahh memories. I think I was in like...kindergarten or 1st grade. Good timess.

We need good music like this again.

tianam0nique.--* said...

oh how I looooooooove this song!! =D!!!

this is how music should be ; i miss it so.