Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back in the days when I was young,

"I'm not a kid anymore
But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again.."

&that's real when arguments with your best friend were over your cousins throwing rocks at her... &hula was my daily job... buying barbies was the only necessities in my life.. shampoo didn't burn the eyes.. awww being a kid was so many less worries.. if you fought with a boy you just chase after them, literally just run same goes for liking one as well... chase them!

sidenote: i always wondered why shaving &plucking was a big deal! why in the world did my mom let me &my eyebrows go until later junior high days... she gave me plenty of hairy eyebrows/legs beauty insecurities "back in the days when I was young!"


Marissa said...

the good ol' days

LaLa said...

awe que pretty<3

superduperkya said...

tooooo cute! lol.

Kay said...

so pretty

&& yeah i deff feel u :(