Friday, December 12, 2008

simple yet sweet,

Blogged by some fine ladies themselves, Weekend Warriors... (; thank you much! Rissa = Humbled. Yay, yesterday as i was browsing &myspacing a lot of girls kept congratulating me for making it on to the W.W blogspot... telling me they are proud of me &pleased to to see me rise so well to b honest i was confused?! &my heart was beating i had no idea so i went to update myself, once i saw my cupcakes on their blog i wanted to cry! it was like 1 less Dream to catch, &1 more blessing God is giving me for the road... So i threw them a little email... &to gas you up some... maybe, Weekend Warriors x CUPCAKES TO SOFTEN YO HUSTLE, is a future collab success... (; i love how they carry themself, "The grind begins in your bedroom!" holla!


tataJunkiee said...

you go girl

bri. said...

big ups mama!

look forward to a future hustle with you :)