Sunday, December 7, 2008

hello, i got first dibbs baby!

+ emails like crazy i know ladies &sweet sons &thoughtful boyfriends, i promise coming soon i got'em baking as i type
+ I'm trying to have a good handful within this week, enough for those who are quite the "Early Christmas Online Shoppers" &enough for "NUFF SED" that's if things run smoothly..
+more goods mailing out by Tues.
+ touched by another well known, Mohamed Ali himself
+cup of tea 1/2 full, not empty
- PMS has the best of me, tensed, irritable, emotional I'm the worst at this time
+"Baby just bake cupcakes you'll feel better" Christian said after i complained how PMS took over my night!
+ Nujabes soothes all of my off balanced hormones
+ Free hip hop show like always @session was successful, saw Kev Brown live last Thurs. (shouted out my boyfriend chris) sang Albany the one song that literally brought Chris &i
back together
+ i got my birthday card from Mama Ink FINALLY! all the way from NY freakin post office losing mail!
+ seeing family &having everyone support my cupcakes was so heart warming
+ Teresa, my dad's old best friend from jr high bought 6 cupcakes &sold them at her Italian restaurant she owns (;
- it just so happens my house is Chocolate-less around the time Tom visits me, hahaha silly chances
+ going to paint tonight
+ in the midst of finding more reliable chains, I've saved enough $ for better quality
+ i can't wait til my new ideas come to LIFE!
+ I LOVE Bubble Gum Pony♥s PINS!!! everyday son! everyday!
+ New Years for once, personally is looking brighter for my cupcakes, boyfriend, friends, family &myself
+ I've set in a few goals to live by... &get to
+our freeway drives are sweeter than yours, lmao

-CRAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!! AUGH!


Yummie D said...

it looks like the lips is eating yhe cupcake sooo cute lol...

Alexis said...

your hardwork is so inspiring! & i'm hooked on bubblegum pony pins too, they're crack!

Kay said...

i need that new necklace in my liiiife!!! ahh just wait after the hlidays im gettin some cupcakesss