Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Only god knows how hard i work with my creative mind, "Who said arts &crafts can't pay my bills &feed me?" i just bought a salad at El pollo loco son! &im full! went crazy at Micheal's on 99cent clay! lmao crafty thangs make living possible (; but really, maybe my career &side job hustle is taking the long rocky road Dammit! maybe I'm NOT full time at school or making $8 an hour but believe, my cupcake hustle is for sure keeping me content &on my toes... &making me $10 a cake, and keeping me busy on a day to day basis.. The extra ca$h benefits me in so many great ways, for little necessities i may need by day, &when i wanna produce more &invest in better quality material it's possible without having to dig in my parents pockets or have overdrawn letters from wamu in my mailbox (; I'm never one to brag on how many orders i get in a day, whether or not im doing BIG THANGS this &that but i do like to give thanks when love is shown, &I definitely love to mention how much it humbles my soul... This isn't the first I've said it &it definitely won't be the last.. but once again I've been humbled by your very own C'est La Vie,

To GIVE THANKS, whole heartily... for a quick fix of bloggage &genuinely giving me credit in the handcrafty cupcakes. I spend many moons crafting each differently, giving each cupcake her own character, &giving them a sweet creamy appeal. Giving me credit for taking my own steps not crawling on backs to get higher than others, this is my second nature and for those who love what i do is a blessings alone. I longed to simply be blogged on a blog such like C'est La Vie to be noticed a little more outside the lines, hop out my comfort zone, get my feet wet... but with FIDM dreams going on a few years and still financially IMPOSSIBLE! I think I'm content with getting this far...getting featured in one of the few flyest blogs i find joy in following, it doesn't take much to gas me up :D

sweetly said...
"Soften up your hustle with Rissa’s ever sweet and cute Cupcakes! All hand made from clay, the results are fun detailed cuppy cake necklaces in a variety of colors and styles to choose from! Ms. Rissa updates her site daily where you can make your orders and get your cure for that sweet tooth! All go getters take notes, anyone who has the vision and the determination can make something of themselves - all you need is perseverance, heart and of course a lot of ‘hustle’!" -Mickie Futura

thank you Gavin,
LAx PaperBoys LLC for updating me (;


Anonymous said...

AWW YAY! Congrats ^___^

rissapeace, said...

(; thank you La Rockkkkkkkkk!!!!!

_court. said...

congrats love!!! thats whats up!!! u deserve it ;)

narrylikes said...

& those nails!
i love love love.

cupcakes too :)

J.E.W.E.L.S said...