Thursday, October 2, 2008

omg, so i've been wanting this...

for so long!!!! every time i go in urban outfitters i look at it i never have the extra $19.95 to actually buy this but this i would like... my birthday is Nov. 23rd &I wouldn't mind this as a gift... look on the brighter side, you can get a gift in return... im such a fan of 100% handcraft things taking useless shit &turnng it into something nice &useable. Right now im working on a antique chair if you guys watch Top Design im on it! classic hot pink &metalic foil gold... when ideas sit sweet in old thrift store chairs! reapolster queen i be! (;

&For the record our poo book is still m.i.a stolen! lol who steals a poop book in our downstairs bathroom, my mom said "This is some shitty shit! who stole that shit?"

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