Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh Dear Day,

I did this to make me happy too, I'm a bit sorry i don't have a 9-5 that'll keep me busy & not thinking how my life is so rocky & not on the right road, almost came to a complete stop, nothing to shine for life.. so this little bit was to make me feel accomplished... I've ONLY counted on too many people, even you, but to feel my own ideas &my very own movement shines it's first light because i made these first few steps by putting effort in it. This uncontrollable feeling puts me on top of the world! The feeling when such a manly boyfriend helps create cupcakes &keeps me motivated throughout my doubtful day, a look my mom gave me today really hurt, conidering she's supportive in everything, EVERYTHING i do... "look at my stickers imma make mom.." **1 second glance, eye brow lift, no words hmmm IMAGINE THAT! She must be tired of my close to useless self around this place. for the record &reminder the whole time i was doing this i was thinking of us, this is us, we this.. &we that.. but to hear such a nonchalant voice after knowing all i made happen for us makes me sad in so many ways.. for once i stepped up for my dream &two of the most meaningful people gave me the smart "ehhh" smirk of the day... Im still hopeful and completely proud of myself and if you know me, stickers can make my world go 'round... [tear drop]

Passionate Sticker Maker

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