Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Proclub dresses,

baggy careless days/ bitch happy tight clothes

Ed: i honestly miss those days haha baggy careless days! now im all like tight clothes trying to impress bitches!

Chris: bitches love tight clothes!

hahahaha lmao, classssic what two years can do to your clothes. do you remember the days when they would keep that little orange circle "Tall Tee" sticker on the shirts? hahahaha where did that trend come from? on a sympathy note there's still few out there buying dresses... No more dresses boys, wear tight shit make a bitch happy!

1 comment:

leilanie said...

fuck that, all they gonna attract are shallow bitches. all they gotta keep tight are their lives, while they got their attitude and love for life on check and balance. if a girl can't appreciate that, then sucka don't deserve the homeboys!