Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dear Rain,

Thank you, for dropping &for the fog i missed you both oh so much! (;

today was pretty chill i went to kaiser to go pick up my little sisters new pair of glasses &did some window shopping myself made my eyes happy &played glasses dress-up. super got the Cornbread swag going on hahahahahaa "i vote a cuter cornbread" whatchu think? marissa vs. cornbread BATTLE OF THE GLASSES! to bad I'm blind, &his thrift store findings is making him blind hahahahhha

oh malayna's pre pmsing hahahahaha she's not camera friendly but hr new glasses are cute.

so considering im a backseat dreamer i had time to do my nails! &Chris was sro nice to let me take the new camera with me (; then we hit rancho &it dies on me! so much for a new start!!!! but we just went to my Aunts house in Orange County to help for the party this coming Saturday... &roll napkins lol we got our share of red ribbon for those of you that know (; but nothin serious... family time is always "pleasant" (; hello Sunday i look forward to my weekly shopping painting &baking cleaning &washing clothes! yay i have a weekend to look forward to!

"cuppy cakes to soften yo neighborhood playgrounds" (;

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