Monday, September 15, 2008

why do you still call?

Infatuation or deeply within full minded in love with me,
addictive love this must be
Infatuated with my late night soft voice
In love with my gentle audio presence
Infatuated with my potential life
in love with my perspiring palms
unreasoned passion for cupcakes
for granted my unconditional tendencies
in love with my whine &cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesey comebacks
hungry for my love
longing for a completion of your life
backbones to hold your neck up so your mind thinks straight
yearning for escapes to cloud 9
infatuated with what my camera spits out
infatuated so deeply with my imagination... in bed
in love with my bright water colors that flow so beautifully
in love with the fact i am full in the middle
im afraid, please don't be...

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