Thursday, September 4, 2008

tough love, grind hard, slap harder!

Finally i took some time out to make some new characters &make some stickers in bulk (; I'm pretty content with this batch of stickers.. i hate when i super lag on stickers, i don't feel complete without my sticker book so when its not full i feel ehhhh blahzee blah!.. lol "do you just like walk around with paint in your bag? you fag!" literally i do $1.29 apple barrels you know wasssup, a decent black deco for outlines &I'm set, sharpies.. yo it's over, magic baby! going on slap dates at Starbucks can't be any smoother.. now I'm so freaking attached to these but i have to slap them! La i will see you Sunday prepare to be slapped! tough love, grind hard!

Sidenote: only use SUPER at the right timing...
wrong way: "dude why are you being super stranger"
right way: "dude, your super being a stranger yo!"
hahahah "i called it," subliminal is fun! Get off her back you monkey!!!!!

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