Friday, September 19, 2008

the only thing keeping me sane, i swear

a.m. serious talks with clara &nujabes in my right ear, i can't live without her... i knew God had a reason for bringing us back together as friends again. Her help thru tough times couldn't be more comforting "it's destiny that we connected girl" She brings me back to my grounds &makes things seem clearer and more understanding... she's there for every second i talk her ear out &for every tear i cry, &every time i pee ;P &God only knows how thankful i am for her! It's such a joke when everyone knows she's my second boyfriend &yet she calls more than my own if i don't answer my cel you better believe she'll text call again &then call my house! lmao but im so peace knowing i have such a dedicated friend since back in the day. this is my gratitude entry. i love you fag! you keep my dreams alive, &that's really no body's job but you contribute &fit in them well &this i look forward to... &these dreams well, see now that's ours still to come!!!

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melissa said...

absolutely adore the picture with downtown LA in the back (: