Monday, September 8, 2008

bloggable weekend,

Weekend with the McCool's, started off like this... keep in mind this Saturday morning my eyes didn't shut until 445am, so we wake at 7am to get ready to head down to Pedro for my papa Mike's 70th birthday surprise arty my mom pretty much planned out.. So we're on the 15frwy on our way down &Clara's car begins to over heat in this fuckin 100 degree weather here we are dieing... i call my mom &dad in front of us &my moms like turn on the heater? the heater? so yea, here i am losing a few lbs in a small ass mustang with a giant in the backseat.. she super had to make some shade lol ok SHE WAS PISSED! lol hahahahaha needless to say while we drove threw the car wash, yea no ventilation equals sweaty bitches! Clara having too much going on in just 1 ear alone.. 5 peircings, bluetooth bamboos &glasses lol we make a few pit stops end up going to EZ Lube, turns out when her oil was changed they put 2inches too much in.. so yea, freeee as they drain some..

Now we're on the way to the hall.. we get there decorate, it was so dope my mom did all the center pieces &little decoration set us &everything... well ok so the party stats at 630pm we had to be there by 6 because he was coming by 7, so in hot stuffy Pedro little breeze we as a whole 10 of us &a baby on the way hahahaha get ready in a 2 bedroom apartment with 1 bathroom (; 2 mirrors & 2 fans. I have never showered outside the shower before, lol i shampooed my hair, conditioned it, shaved my legs all outside the shower so when it was my turn cause i called dibs on a 2nd! s when it was my turn all i hd to do was soap my body a few times.. Genius, i know. well with tension in the air i was hot &frustrated! i curled my hair in the fucking T.V glare? hahahaha on some ghetto fabulous type shit.

Well we make it out just in time, so this is a beautiful hall with a deck that looks over the long beach port like a 180 degree angle! beautiful... well here i am standing in back of a pillar hiding out, with a camera for the surprise.. He was so surprised it was cute, he had people from way back in his kindergarden days out here... just to celebrate his 70th birthday&his presence.. Amazing how surprised he was &how loved he is... when he got up to talk on the mic he was something along the lines of star struck, speechless. His barber for 20yrs was there His grade school friends who they had music group called "Hypnotics" who were choreographed was there i mean it's only the life you wish to live... i met family, friends i have not met in my life, i reunited with family i never know cause of such young age... i was able to meet on special man i've been longing to meet... i knew i had a photographer uncle who by the way is going blind, but has tons of equipment, so here's the thing his presence alone was touching.. but when he offered me over $50,000 worth of camera equipment if i was serious bout photography... he'd like to know i showed enough interest to at least go to school.. so that BLEW MY MIND!!!!!!!! he wants to give me his equipment.. so the night went by i was 'photographer of the night" my grandparents &friend &older black couple made me jealous all the true couple love in the air made me drop a few tears... i only want what they are living.. when my years come, my Nanny had a touching little speech ending with "In the words of Marvin Gaye 'Let's get on...'" the music played the old people boogied on down, old pictures were busted out, bathroom photo sessions took place with Clara &Monique &reminiscing &love was definitely in the air! even puppy love :P (when little Austin falls in love with Clara) The night ended well with a slightly buzzed grandpa who actually went to go buy six packs by the dozen lol after the last call for alcohol..

So back to the "McCool's" where drinkin &slide shows took place... whoooaaaa never drink Caribbean passion rum with cranberry juice talk about a lullaby to go night night, had me feeling loopy with my eyes droopin, baby i was leanin like a cholo. fucking Clara slept first like a gay cholo!

wake up on a Sunday morning to sore everything! small case of a lost voice &burning eyes! breakfast with the McCool's at Hoft's Hut in Lomita. 20 of us.. awwwww Clara &i had little boyfriends lol come to find out Austin was in love with Clara "mommy mommy, i have to take a picture with the girl in the animal dress she said i was cute two times!" well i had little chubby cutie names Marcellus awwwww hahahaha, good laughs with the kids.. took Clara on a tour threw Palos Verdes the hills back down the hill to the cometary since it was mad family they wen to visit the site of great grandma &my great granddad. Back to the McCool's, where my Nanny busted out cans &cans of buttons... She contributed to our Cupcake project in the making... (; but once were done we were about to take a Starbucks trip.. hahaha my little cousins placed there orders for Starbucks hahaha, 1. snickerdoodle 2. milkshake 3. Mocha Jelate` 4. chocolate milk not one thing was a Starbucks drink.

So we get our Starbucks &go visit my dad's old middle school friend at her pizza spot, without telling him we showed up on our own lol we sit down, chit chat she's excited she sits takes our order BAM! our food comes... salad, garlic bread, Alfredo pasta, 2 calazones**, then we are grubbing then my dad calls & is like we're leaving right now get back... so they guy packs up all our food, we head up to the front to pay &she's like "it was on me these are my girls" then we're like yea we gotta go my dad's trippin &she as like gimme that phone now! punks my dad on the phone hahahaha makes him come down &this is all after closing ha, she makes them food salad &everything! All on her, no tips allowed.. Sunday night ended good, on our way home flippin thru radio station after radio station speaking of Art Laboe &his prison love shout outs..

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