Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Belmont Tunnel,

I got a craving for Belmont Tunnel, like it's the sweetest of graffiti donuts, The Belmont Tunnel (B.T), Toluca Substation &yard, 1304 West 2nd Street, in the LA the property has a rich historysince like early 1920s. Ridership hit its peak during the Second World War; in 1944 - considered to have been the peak of the subway's operation - it was as many as like 65,000 passengers on Belmont Tunnel after freeway production in So. Cal B.T closed up in th 1950's.. June 19, 1955 was the last mornin ride. After they removed the tracks &completely abandoned it. 35 years later, by locals it's known as "The Tunnel" over time it was a spot for drug dealers &a place that sheltered the homeless &a huge canvas for the artist, whether you were amateur or not... if you had a backpack full of cans a&running shoes it was all yours (; illegal activity♥ but Meta Housing Corporation purchased the property and announced plans to construct a 276-unit apartment complex back in like 02. So now these studio apartments start at like $1,600, with everything to die for let alone the history of where you live... Historic railway urban artist station monument, downtown LA just around the corner, Fantastic city views!! I wanna live here! Have a complete view &paint my days away, invest in cupcake brown.. hustle to meet my $1600 monthly, live my dream with me, move with me? yea?

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