Saturday, August 2, 2008

meet 4FIFTH,

<---- stolen from 4FIFTH **click!! ok he's a dope cat that blogs.. nothin like a dude with good reads! My Daily Reads (;

Q:Why do you steal postings to the T rissa?

A:Well this is similar to my current situation.. nothin feels better than sharing with great acknowledgments in return. (;

Wishing, waiting..

“Love conquers all.”

"Um, no really it doesn’t. There’s only so much 'love' can do for a relationship. Love doesn’t pay the bills, feed you, or keep a roof over your head. Relationships are like jobs. You put in enough hard work, shit pays off.

When you’re in love, it’s very easy to become lazy within the rela

tionship. You get a little too comfortable to the point where problems arise and things that weren’t issues have now become one. Patience (among other traits)

is needed if you want your relationship to work. I used to have so much patience, but when you live with someone and they know you for so long, they know exactly what buttons to push in order to wear your patience thin.

It takes a lot of effort to knowingly put aside all the flaws you see in your partner and focus on the positive. I should know, it’s something I have to really work on."

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