Friday, August 15, 2008

unreliable i be,

this is so not legit,
illegal type shit,
im so frustrated,
i need something real...
ehhhhhhhh you don' know my hustle you don't don't know shit!

bottom line is i need a job that respects me, i worked my ass off in a span off two weeks getting paid like some illegal ass please, im worth so much more like i said i worked my ass off, i showed up 30min early i helped when i wasn't need.. i stayed 2 hours later i took someone else's shift by myself i learned in 6 days shit girls didn't learn in months i stayed dedicated. i busted butt, i bussed tables yo! i showed so much respect, under the table type check? no paperwork no nothing! &all of a sudden im unreliable? sometimes you get fooled &learn the hard way...
$53 for three days... BULLSHIT!!
I'm legal baby, don't get it twisted!

for the record i hope you enjoyed your drinks, dude i was like literally was doing squats making drinks cause the ice was so low, thank you! my ass cheeks hurt.

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