Tuesday, August 5, 2008

today was a good day,

@ work.
miso soup!
all you can drink green tea,
mr. joe went on break &i got the Soya Special
hahaha Jaimie's call, not mine
**spicy tuna hand roll with tempura to go! (;

THANK YOU DUNG! you make bomb sushi (;
on my feet all day i clean like i clean at home,
hahahaha nothing too new, nothin too extreme..
Jaimie is a such a sweet little korean girl, she liked me, "dido"

so for the record, this twisted worl thing yea.. i gotta learn some spanish? meh...
Japanese restaurant, owned by Koreans, &i gotta speak Spanish?

"Rodney King baby, yea beat it like a cop! hehaaaaaaaaa" **weezy laughs <-in my head all day everyday!!

anyone can gimme feedback on my cupcakes &comments!!!
for you mama ciello♥

1 comment:

Ciello said...

hollah! aint nothing better then some sushi and cuppycakes! LOL at speaking spanish at a japanese restaurant owned by koreans. the effin irony! lol ;] thanks sweets