Thursday, August 21, 2008

susheela raman does it again,

Yo, her sounds are so pleasant they get me thru the tough days and late nights.. it's like i drown in her voice, nothing like an iPod full of her sounds therefore, sleeping is at ease &random wakes in the middle of the night are yet a bit more sweeter.. This 3rd album actually got me through a tough let me say 6 months?
I thought possibly bring it out again nothing like using old methods to bring you back to your senses.. lord lemme be like Justine, the girl's so content in her skin she reminds me of old me, how I'd kill to instantly snap back into gear... "Every thing's going to be alright, i promise it's not going to be tomorrow or the next day but soon eventually"

FYI: You may think I'm sad of some sort, or fighting with a him.. seriously i can't pin point my issue it's so within, it's gut feelings, it's life choices, it's soul finding. Damn, hahaha i guess I'm trynna find myself.. majority of my closer friends are either in beginning stages of finding themselves or just cleaning up the act.. And i can't tell you the Glow that's got my appetite screamin' &i just wanna do me, not a selfish act time can only tell but I've fucked around for too long.. beat around the bush depended on someone fully, whether it was a him, a her, a mom or dad, I'm only where I'm at cause of myself no one but myself put me here, not that it's a bad place, or imma sit here &whine to you. Why complain now.. "JUST CHANGE IT!"

so here i am boxing up my lurking abilities
my spend the day waiting on you moments
the endless amount of reminders ♥
nights of 316, broken records, &FUCK A QUESTION MARK's


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