Wednesday, August 27, 2008

meet HUERO,

meet HUERO &his work, "I AM CURRENTLY WORKING AT NEEDLE PUSHERS IN VAN NUYS ,CA FOR APPOINTMENT. CALL (323) 377-2696" For a while I've been hella Googling different fonts, text styles for my first tattoo "Pray" on my left wrist... I've been envisioning it, nonstop everyone knows this! I've been watchin friends &family get work done and i can't help but be envious &i just keep repeating myself "i can't wait til i get mine! you wait bitches!" lol I've had this vision of some dope ass artist getting down on my wrist &i think he added me on myspace, hahahaha im excited cause i know once I'm ready within &financially i know who I'm going to.. Don't sleep on this!

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