Saturday, August 30, 2008

lighten up rissa,

respect, i thought i gained in 9 months instead i gain arguments that substitute cuddle times cause fuck i don't know whens the next time i'll see you times. so instead of making love i get nights full of hate, to bite down on my tongue, no your tongue, wait this is not sex, MY TONGUE! &lay problems under soft sheets, to where by the end of this night not only am i YELLING YOUR NAME OUT LOUD, BABY!! wait this is not sex either? but here we are fighting again. so instead of kisses &long stares i get quiet him &visions of computer kisses, stealing his attention has gotten extreme... pack away the cute lace shorts &the curled hair ha kiss computer skills more passionately than ive ever tasted. my little world in my room spins, splashes, snaps, sings, in living color reasons to feel how i feel splash in my face.. reasons photos in my room are crying songs.. &there you stand in the middle, wall to wall stares cause guess what? Fuck! my little world revolves around you! Ha, what a coincidence but my world's a little different from yours. Gee i don't know why I forget, thanks for reminding me again (;

Cupcakes please soften my hustle );

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