Saturday, August 23, 2008

lazy daisy.

+ home alone, (with sisters)
+ stay messy
+ fry homemade chicken strips in canola oil (stay healthy son!)
+ sharpies her water bottle, (niggas keep jackin my water)
- "nigga quit calling me" kid sister knows wassssup, damn i don't even know you!
+ need that body guard, hahaha (guard my body)
+ happy 9
+ wears short shorts &dance with little sisters around the whole house!
- misses her sistergirls
+ blasting INOJ- My Boo
+ finished a painting
+ helping a best friend, cheer up!
- wants nose pierced, Now!
- ew, ashy knees? hahahaha this lotion sucks!
+ wants to go to la
+ can use boston terrier company, bailey?

i'll be back...

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