Monday, August 18, 2008

gold doorknockers,

Sometimes i fight myself &the usual prince charming taking my every need &worry and making everything more pleasant.. so i fight myself &i think that maybe that special "he" doesn't have to support me, in such ways like financially, but being my backbone support mentally &threw my emotions is just as equivalent, at least for me. (pls. bare with me readers i feel like i will be hopping around with this one) I've done it this long, gained my own respect for myself within, gained self confidence in my plans, gained self-esteem in my image the way i carry myself. Why would i set my mind to think I've found this special "he" he should now hold my ground, make me dinner, paint my nails, pay my bills, make my living 10x more comfortable?!? No, but if he takes on that action than he's this much more special to me. I've been told so many times a guy is not suppose to be your everything, he's just there to make life a bit more sweeter. To be honest i agree completely.. "He's not your whole outfit he's the cute gold bamboos you wear" but let me tell you sometimes down the line you learn not everyday you need those bamboos some days your outfit is already banging itself &the bamboos can be put aside until the time is right...

so ladies i leave you with.. "Wear your doorknockers strongly, always know there's a way to spice up your outfit if your earrings get too heavy!" (;

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