Friday, August 8, 2008

dextaaaaa says,

"me &mistah are so compatible, we're like legos!"
Omg! it's been forever since i talked to dexxtaa his words are always treasured, locked up in a chest for times of need. There's nothing like having such a inspirational friend, a genuine guy who can talk to you for hours &not want to get in your pants.. he always says some pretty thought out intelligent words on relationships from a guys point of view, ALWAYS HELPFUL. He's always the one friend who reminds me god's watching over me all day everyday! he ALWAYS reminds me to pray harder on things &always let's me know im in his prayrs.. Forever that kid that ask about my life, forever the one to ask about my family from my mom to my dad &my two sisters! &then he's cute when he like confusingly ask me what he should do with his little sweethearts or if i think girls would do him dirty, hahahahaha... basically he's a friend i hardly get a chance to talk to cause of life &its busy toll but when we do he's got soo much to share... i love you dextaaaaa kid!

Note to self: You need a dextaaaaaa,

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