Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Long hair dont care?

then cut that mess!
lol, get new & improved... &the latest gossip
by rossy or by my uncle fwank... i know i've been lacking on my colors &hair cuts but the one to do it is usually my uncle &he is bomb &rossy is just as bomb!
sidenote: im on this raspberry color i want it soo bad.. but then again i like my dark dark velvet black hair... hahaha "thats what the bottle said" well get your haiuuuurrr did by them.. they'll have you knockin' boots all night long (;

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

FOrgot to mention that I colored my hair. Nothing crazy.. its still dark but now you're able to see more brown than before. I like it. So ur uncle's in SD right? You gotta let me know where b/c I just might pay him a visit next time I'm down there.