Thursday, July 3, 2008

i've leanred,

i've been down played, &some people are suckas for girls in tight jeans, girls in skinny jeans even though yet her thighs are no where near the word skinny... but he says her Tae-Bo is working out for her, yet missing minds think just alike &wardrobe changes more than once just so she can see you &wish you'd stay this much longer... wardrobe malfunctions lead to all night thoughts til morning comes, like pressing refreshed buttons... come hug me, that is when i close my eyes at home... & when my eyes are fluttered beneath my closed eyelids, when my mind is clear &is rapidly thinking &not every content &biological purposes have legit meaning to where it's never fully understood... but boy i've been dreaming of you, where is your face?

my mom came up on a dream book it's like a dictionary... "Dream Dictionary"

you look up words &it leads you to maybe reasons why your dreaming, i mean it may even be like astrology &horoscopes to the point where it sounds legit so you relate &that's what makes it so real but damn "my dream defined" is pretty nutts my sexual needs &unsure of true feelings? ehhhh? lol well all i know is these were intense dreams...

why when you have dreams, &som
etimes you wake up guilty? it was a dream! Yo, stop effecting my daily happenings!

well, i actually should be getting ready my leilanie lady love will be coming in short time, before she goes to see boy... dang i misssssh this bisssshhhh the only thing is once she com
es &if moniSTANK is up it's bout to be a big ass brawl! hahahah these two can never get along.... ok so on a lighter note, i stank &need to take a shower.

apparently me &boy are getting a Black Man's Breakfast, Eww..

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