Friday, July 11, 2008

emotional rollercoaster,

eww bubbles in my stomach i cant explain.. at the moment &the bathroom is not even calling.. if you know me well, then shit it's been sometime since ive been down this road.. i have no complaints.. i never complain on things god throws at me cause they only make me stronger.. i've gained so much over night &in this past week... but,

Have you ever lost a big chunk in your life over night half asleep? -well X my box

Have you dreamt of something &it ruined or put a challenge in your current awake life?
-well X my box

ok im jibba jabba-ing right now but i cant help it, i give thanks to my blog it keeps me sane in all ways possible.. here i can talk to you &my o' lord! i love it.. it's like hitting two birds with one water gun.. (it's sooooo hot water fight sounds heavenly) pretty long day today.. emotional rollercoaster FOR THE MOST PART.. im doing fine, now im never one to front.. but i just got a long letter &now im super contemplating.. yo!

to update you daily readers.. im currently independent on all levels.. strange righ? unexpected righ? but check it.. things happen for a reason and damn what a tough call this morning.. so all in all when im at my most comfortable to share i will..

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