Tuesday, July 1, 2008

dido, rip..

Sometimes i wish there were ways i can get ahold of you when i miss you. sometimes i compare life from now &then, long conversations, long leaves, &bam your back again.. again to refresh me with stories galore! lessons learned &i miss yous gifts to please &dinner before his morning leaves.. we'd write letters.. letters before i sleep cause come morning you'd be gone.. i'd leave pencils &blank papers near so you can write me back, now things have changed that is until next lifetime... countless times you taught me about music, countless times i caught you singing songs.. i know you watch me from where you stand i can only dream of times we'd shared and what i wish would come... i'll save the wishing for conscious dreams, the ones i have complete control of with just the drop of my eyelids...

rip papa j

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