Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sigh, You know no matter his weird presence, awkward disappearances and strange reappearances Michael still brought back the same energy of Michael Jackson, With listening to him growing up full blast as my mom would clean the house and my dad singing at his highest pitch... grown up and in the bboy scene seeing the dance floor flooded with Michael Jackson's Moon Walkerin' &his legendary times... King of Pop may you rest in peace... Respect to your success, &Blessings to him &his…
with countless HITS...
Our King of Pop NEVER DIED.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009



Family &LA LAKERS is no Game!

AW HA! that's what you do at work!
i wanna be a cop &play with beach balls!

GO DAD GO! with your Lakers undershirt unda that LAPD UNIFORM!
@ the LAKERS PARADE LAST WEEK via photo 11 Orange County Register

Uncles &sh*tttttt
Uncle Jon &Chanice trynna bust thru CSC Event Staff!


Solé my Chola-in-Crime, Glamorous Vandal, Ink... has spoke nothing but the goods bout Tough Love Nyc, i mean to the point where that's all we talk about her homegirl Jes this &Jes that... nothing but good. And it's so blessed to see Solé taking her many moods and tons of knowledge and venting them out via Being a part of a Tough team. Indeed Jersey's/ Tumblr's girl has found another home... watch this chola Blog like no other...

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Nuff Said. In the works for some cute pieces to sweeten your 'drobes and soften yo hustle.

Worry No more-isshhh..

Here I am listening to my "Think twice," playlist DEFINITELY NOT THINKING TWICE, but damn straight jamming real well.. It put me in this writing mood well, sharing via blogspot writing mood.. it's cause i haven't been on my writing game at all! I thought i'd kick it old school with some real feelings running thru my memBRAIN.

I dunno it's weird how i see _'s screen name and I'm not tapping it, not fighting it, shute not reminiscing it! Weird how it's mad distant-ish i never been the one to hold mad grudges, never been the one to say a last word in a mean way... I never been so moody, never been so defensive &distant never felt soo real but it's crazy how one can drive me to my last bit for them.

I kinda laugh at "how'd we even get along to begin with?" when i think how much I'd cry and expect something from _. Nothing like tlc but just on some siding support, but _ was always tough and quiet when I'd spill beans to be exact. i hated venting to a wall cause i have four of my own i can cry to but i chose the genuine friend in _. I chose _ to vent to on some off the wall shit, we'd shit talk together and recognize the real! meh, here i am thinking of what was a Potential Friendship and at the same time not expecting a thing! Just bumping gums... i guess to an extent i miss random a.m calls, random cuss outs, crazy gig talks, after all a Tough Love went far enough but in all reality I've been labeled nothing less than the Psycho BF.

silly girl with a worry
(for no good reason)

sidenote** A limit to 6 worries a day how cute right? kinda secretly BEEN wanting these, wouldn't mind these for my many 6 worries a day...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Religiously watching the parade..

Funky mood, Jammin good.
"Lakers gunna take it to the hoop"

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hello New York feeling a little Glam in the air?

cause my crushbizzle is for damn sure rockin' my man's tees in the big ol' city please believe!
Glamorous Living Kids.
xoxo, proud Girlfriend...

Friday, June 12, 2009

ending with SWV.... couldnt be right enough!

listened to the whole damn thang... dedicated much to the homies of the local-ness

Oh Em Gee... Interviewed Riiiiigh Now


1 YEAR AGO i slapped her in Little Tokyo, LA

catch her in the streets son!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Beauty in Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger make-ups"
girl: seriously you didn’t have to be a smart pants right now..
boy: forgive me….
girl: yea.
girl: anyways, i was walking at a 10 incline...

Desperate Sally

they don't sale them like this no more &i neeed neeed neeeed this! like product can not go on without this trick at hand!

--Holding on to a little pencil for 9 months and losing it during the move is very devastating, going to stores and noticing they changed up and upgraded the product is heart breaking, searching my room inside out is stressful, ebaying like a mother is very theraputic!

i need my bank card ebay $1.69! BUY IT NOW! SILLY ESSENTIAL, i know (;

creative sally...

I have an amazing friend who get's down with the get down... known for working paints on any type of canvas... local high desert neighbor.. 2006 high school-ee paint sessions sooner than you think! cause it's been over a year we been trying to get together to paint on broken thangs...
Patience is a virtue... -right?
snap your board? Mel wants it!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

feathered skimpy bestfriend visits


yesterday's La canceled trip

couple of the fat noses

in the my boo’s room self photoshootin

Na$tayyy Verayyy Blurrayyyy

summertime peanuts &chips in my nails!

++making note that it is summertime, SoCal is like 60ish 70’s and that’s odd So due to cali’s weird wacked out weather my potential tanned legs are still fucken white!!!! wtf!?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

<3 loverboy 2 front teeth, flat chest &nameplate drops
via shared cell phone

well well fried planned?

Ok, a day that was well planned since this morning ended up no where near expectations... i got out the shower around 4ish 5 started getting ready for a tiny little outing... in my hello kitty towel dress? don't hate! it was just like this but red &mad hootchie lmao just while my clothes were in the dryer i got my hair all fancy shmancy &curled lmao well getting ready failed when he showed up around 5 i stopped ashy as heck to just talk and hug.. hugging turned into well TEA!!! and tea turned into a good ol' nap... ended up waking up next to my love... ummm slept from 6 til 1012pm lol still in my hello kitty towel dress lmao texting Kay bout our crazy mamas treating us like we 12! watched forensic files finally got dressed into comfy shorts &my rabbit tank from forever braless feeling good! &still watching Forensic Files pressed paused to make some fried rice for the lover boy... (his favorite) cause i make it like the Asian girl i am NOT... lol with a Costco size Kikkoman soy sauce in my pantry you'd think I'd mastered my fried rice.. and your right (;

Forensic Files &Sweet cuddling got the best of me tonight!
Hey, I aint mad.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Go 'head Oprah, mean mug mama!

Dvr- 20% left cause Oprah be taking up all the memory space Well since i been at my new house I've been watching more than enough t.v. I've been on this Oprah/ Forensic Files mood.... 3pm Pacific ch. ABC 7... then 5 more hours 8pm ch. 246 til midnight-issssh... Ok tonight I'll hit the "R" and go on this 1 on 1 with my man!

Oprah > Christian i think NOT! so!

brown skin, fat fros, and baby braids

The cute faces of Janet &Michael Jackson
browsing good..



just speaking of my hips &thighs collection/ blue tones for the SALVAGE man, she'll hang so sweet near J Dilla, in a cali man's Utah home.... (;

Hips &thighs inspired very much by miss van.
+water colors
+spray paint
+decos Paint Markers

for the love of his work insides...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

GPOYW: Wearing those pretty thangs edition

/Butt Naked Wednesday's!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

OMG triple threat!

ok i wanna see him live! PRONTO!

double take,

i love his covers, way soothing to my soul..

Oh my sexy shmexy voice,

after arguing with him like ALWAYS!
cornbread (btw i don't like him! ha!)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Get Excited!!! Whoaaaa! Playoffs Baby!

I'm Purple/Gold & I'm proud!